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  1. is from Canada
  2. rooting for Canada in the [game, cup]
  3. in northern Canada
  4. have never [been, traveled] to Canada
  5. would love to [go to, visit] Canada (sometime)
  6. visited Canada last [year, summer]
  7. was born in Canada
  8. is a [citizen, resident] of Canada
  9. am [going, moving, traveling] to Canada for [work, school]
  10. am [going] to Canada to [work, study]
  11. [moved] to Canada from [Russia]
  12. [good, poor, strong] relations with Canada
  13. is an ally [of, with] Canada
  14. the [food, weather, people] of Canada
  15. the [food] in Canada
  16. [throughout, in parts of] Canada
  17. was living in Canada at the time
  18. Canada's finest [actor, maple syrup]
  19. Canada [beat, lost to, drew against] Germany
  20. Canada has qualified for (the tournament)
  21. French and English are spoken in Canada
  22. Canada's border with the United States
  23. one of Canada's national [dishes, treasures]
  24. Canada's national anthem
  25. Canada is [known, famous] for
  26. the prime minister of Canada
  27. Canada's prime minister
  28. a [football, basketball] team in Canada
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