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n as adj
  1. the Easter [bunny, vacation, break]
  2. a [short, brief, weekend] Easter vacation
  3. spend Easter [Friday, Monday] with the family
  4. [visit, see, take part in] the Easter parade
  5. go hunting for Easter eggs
  6. go Easter egg hunting
  7. a [large, chocolate, filled] Easter egg
  8. an Easter service
  1. normally [go on vacation, stay home] at Easter
  2. go egg hunting at Easter
  3. what are you [doing, going to do] this Easter?
  4. what are your plans for Easter?
  5. are you going anywhere this Easter?
  6. we spent last Easter in [Boston, Tuscany, Moscow]
  7. Easter falls in [March, April] this year
  8. the [hotel, restaurant] is fully booked for Easter
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