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  1. have an ache in my [back, knee, heart]
  2. Is the ache in your [back] any better?
  3. a [terrible, dull, pounding, sharp] ache
  4. the ache of [heartbreak, loneliness, loss]
  5. My body is full of aches and pains.
  6. I have too many aches and pains.
  7. [joint, muscle] aches
  8. have terrible [stomach, joint, body] aches
  9. The [food, fish] gave me a stomach ache.
  10. have a stomach ache from the [food]
  11. relief for [muscle] aches and pains
  12. an intense ache in her heart
  1. my [tooth, head, back, stomach] aches
  2. my [joints, muscles] ache
  3. aches from [laughing, coughing]
  4. my heart aches for [you, her]
  5. ache all over
  6. have been aching to [tell, know, be]
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