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  1. act [as though, if, like]
  2. act like [a child, an adult, a fool, an idiot]
  3. act like nothing's wrong
  4. act as if nothing [has, had] happened
  5. act in accordance with [regulation, the law]
  6. act [in good faith, with malice, on behalf of]
  7. act [responsibly, rashly, quickly, inconsistently]
  8. we [must, need to] act [quickly, now]
  9. act without [thought to, consideration of]
  10. acting [for, on behalf of] his client
  11. acted to [protect, prevent, reduce, support, ensure, remove]
  12. act to [provide, amend, authorize, follow]
  13. acted against [her wishes, his will, their instructions]
  14. acting under [orders, the order of]
  15. acted under (extreme) [duress, stress]
  16. acted without [jurisdiction, authority]
  17. [would, should, could] have acted (sooner)
  18. the [court, police] acted
  19. failed to act [on, when]
  20. his [failure, refusal] to act
  21. act your age
  22. he (certainly) acts the part
  23. acted and [directed, produced, wrote]
  24. acted in [the movie, a TV show, a play]
  25. acted [beautifully, skillfully]
  26. act the [role, part] of
  27. acting opposite [him, a star]
  28. act out [the scene, a scene from]
  29. [son, girl, child, toddler] is acting out
  30. the [child, student] acted up
  31. acted up during [class, school, the performance]
  32. acted up at [school, home]
  33. [my phone, the printer, gallbladder] is acting up (again)
  1. [comedy, double, cabaret] act
  2. is a class act
  3. was caught in the act (of)
  4. puts on an act
  5. it's all an act
  6. an act of [heroism, love, bravery, aggression, peace]
  7. an act of sheer [cowardice, stupidity, folly]
  8. [seen, thought of] as an act of [aggression]
  9. considered (to be) an act of [aggression]
  10. an act of [Congress, the courts]
  11. [recorded, outlined, written] in act [5] (of)
  12. [in, by] the act of [1955]
  13. the [freedom, accountability, corporations] act
  14. the [play, show] has [three] acts
  15. a play in [three] acts (by)
  16. at the [end, beginning] of Act [2]
  17. is a hard act to follow
  18. am glad I don't have to follow that act
  19. the act [broke up, went their own ways, split up] in [1999]
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