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  1. a [strong, definite, clear] advantage
  2. a [competitive, strategic] advantage
  3. has an unfair advantage
  4. is another advantage to [graduating, training hard]
  5. it is a clear advantage to [graduate]
  6. is one of the best advantages of my [job, position]
  7. (who) has the advantage
  8. has the advantage of [being, knowing]
  9. had [the, an] advantage over him
  10. has an advantage over him [in the game, for the promotion]
  11. gained an advantage through [hard work, deception]
  12. gained an advantage by [working hard]
  13. use your advantage (wisely)
  14. took advantage of his [position, power]
  15. took advantage of her at the [office, bar]
  16. take advantage of the [opportunity, situation]
  17. took advantage of her [kindness, generosity]
  18. take (full) advantage of the [situation, opportunity]
  19. is always (being) taken advantage of
  20. [could, would] be considered an advantage (to)
  21. has (its) advantages and disadvantages
  22. the advantages and disadvantages of
  23. tennis: advantage, [Sharapova]
n as adj
  1. tennis: advantage scoring
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