noun: [ˈædvəkɪt], verb: [ˈædvəkeɪt]

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  1. advocate for [the public, women, the community]
  2. advocate [on her behalf, on behalf of]
  3. advocate to [ensure, improve, assist, make, help]
  4. advocate to [reduce, increase, prevent]
  5. advocating [in court, at trial]
  6. advocating in [favor, support] of
  7. advocated (against) [violence, change]
  8. advocate the [use, purchase, introduction] of
  9. advocate the [need, lack] of
  10. advocate the [establishment, creation, development] of
  11. advocate an [end, solution, alternative] (to)
  12. [we, I] do not advocate the [use, introduction] of
  13. do not advocate [doing, taking, making, going]
  14. advocating and [promoting, lobbying, supporting, preserving]
  15. advocated [higher salaries, better conditions, greater choice]
  16. advocated by [many, some, the president]
  1. a [consumer, women's, community] advocate
  2. a [tireless, passionate] advocate for
  3. a court-appointed advocate
  4. need a legal advocate
  5. play (the) devil's advocate
  6. is an advocate for [children, change, high taxation, women's rights, the homeless]
  7. has always been a (strong) advocate for
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