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  1. issue a [flood, severe-weather, missing-child] alert
  2. The government has issued a [flood] alert.
  3. received a [flood] alert on my phone
  4. saw the [flood] alert on TV
  5. heard the [flood] alert on the radio
  6. [sign up for, subscribe to] news alerts
  7. there is a [red, orange] alert in effect (for)
  8. set an email alert (for)
  9. set an alert to remember to [buy, take, go]
  10. set an alert for [Monday, 9:00]
  11. Please set your alerts to silent.
  12. set a [silent, ringing] alert
  13. My alert went off [in class, at work].
  14. My alert went off during [class].
  15. the alert sounded [when, at]
  16. turn off alerts for
  17. be on the alert for [police, pickpockets, thieves, opportunities]
  1. stay alert [in class, while driving, on watch duty]
  2. the [guard, officer, class, student] was (not) alert
  3. the alert [guard] [saw, noticed]
  4. alert to [new, possible, changing] conditions
  5. need to be continuously alert to the [threat, possibility] of
  6. was not alert to the [threat]
  7. was alert to [clear, avoid] the danger
  8. [be, remain, stay, keep] on the alert (for)
  9. the police are on alert for [an escaped prisoner, terrorist attacks]
  10. [remains, has stayed] alert (in old age)
  11. is still (very) alert in his [eighties, nineties]
  12. as alert as ever
  13. has an alert mind
  14. received an alert [email, phone call, message]
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