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  1. a [studio, luxury, student] apartment
  2. a [fully, partially, barely, minimally] furnished apartment
  3. a [spacious, cosy, large, small, roomy, light] apartment
  4. a [ground, first, second, top] -floor apartment
  5. [winter, summer, vacation] apartments
  6. the [family's, in-laws'] summer apartment
  7. [two-] [bedroom, bathroom] apartments
  8. my [Paris] apartment
  9. have an apartment in [Spain]
  10. [found, looking for] an apartment (in)
  11. [rent, sublet, lease, share] an apartment
  12. need to [get, find] a new apartment
  13. need a new apartment
  14. (just) moved into a new apartment
  15. [sell, build, promote] new apartments
  16. come [over, in] to my apartment
  17. apartment for [rent, sale, lease]
  18. a block of [two and three] -bedroom apartments
n as adj
  1. in my apartment [building, complex]
  2. apartment [rental, sales, viewings, listings, directory]
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