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  1. have a [low, moderate, high] arch
  2. [sprained, fractured] the arch of her foot
  3. [prescription, custom] arches (for your shoes)
  4. walked [under, through] the arch
  5. an arch over the [road, door]
  6. [built, erected] an arch over the [road]
  7. the arches of the [bridge, aqueducts]
  8. the [bridge's] arches
  9. supported [with, by] arches
  10. build an arch to support the
  11. bent her body into an arch
  12. a gateway arch
  13. an arch built with [stone, marble, concrete, steel]
  1. is his arch [enemy, nemesis, rival]
  2. [vanquished, defeated, overcame] his arch [enemy]
  3. arch [commentary, observations, tones]
n as adj
  1. need [a lot of, more] arch support
  2. has too much arch support (for my feet)
  3. [high, moderate] arch support
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