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  1. awkward around [women, children, other people]
  2. was [put in, faced with] an awkward situation
  3. [sitting, lying] in an awkward position
  4. that was an awkward question
  5. it was an awkward moment
  6. there was an awkward silence
  7. an awkward [man, teen, player, throw]
  8. is an awkward [shape, size] to [carry, move]
  9. (can be) awkward to [handle, carry, ask, do, have]
  10. awkward for [me, most, some]
  11. [a bit, very, extremely] awkward
  12. can be really awkward at times!
  13. feel awkward at this [party, dinner]
  14. felt awkward [asking, having to ask]
  15. is at an awkward [age, angle, position]
  16. [don't, there's no need to] be awkward
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