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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. my back really hurts
  2. my back is really sore
  3. my [lower, upper] back
  4. [massage, rub] my back
  5. laying (down) on my back
  6. fell (flat) on my back
  7. UK: I've done my back in
  8. hurt her back [lifting, carrying, trying]
  9. break your back trying to [impress, make, get]
  10. don't turn your back on me
  11. he's always got my back
  12. standing with his back to the wall
  13. she stroked her [dog, baby] on the back
  14. I was [shoved, pushed] in the back
  15. was stabbed in the back by [an attacker, a friend]
  16. they [talked, gossiped] about her behind her back
  17. we were glad to see the back of him
  18. [go, run] around to the back
  19. [check, look] in the back
  20. he sat at the back of the [class, room]
  21. was sitting in back (of her)
  22. on the back of your [shirt, sleeve]
  23. at the back of the [closet, cupboard]
  24. the back of the [house, car, garage]
  25. go to the back of the line
  26. a [small town, village, little place] in the back of beyond
  1. back [the war, your decision, this proposal, him]
  2. back and [support, fund]
  3. back [a horse, the team, the greyhound, a winner]
  4. backed [the horse] [at $50, to win]
  5. backed by the [rebels, government, company]
  6. back me up (on this)
  7. backed up by [statistics, figures, data]
  8. back up your [files, data, photos]
  9. back them up to [your hard drive, a USB drive, the cloud]
  10. backed into the [garage, mailbox, parking space]
  11. [car, bus] backed into (a)
  12. backed into him (as)
  13. backed him up against the [wall, car, fence]
  14. backed him into [a corner, the cell]
  15. backed out of [his garage, her driveway, the parking space]
  16. [the car, a vehicle, he] backed over [the dog, a child]
  17. the [child] was backed over by a [car, vehicle]
  18. started backing away (nervously)
  19. backed away from the [fire, explosion, scene]
  20. back away from a [challenge, difficult situation, fight]
  21. the [house, stadium, center] backs on to the [forest, road, field]
  1. don't [look, come] back!
  2. please [step, keep, move] back!
  3. looking back
  4. I take it (all) back
  5. [walking, pacing] back and forth
  6. back to the [top, start, middle, bottom]
  7. back to [square one, the starting point]
  8. (will be) back in time for
  9. are back in business!
  10. back in the day
  11. way back [when, in]
  1. the back [exit, door, seat]
  2. back [issues, copies, versions]
  3. on the back [page, cover, side] (of)
  4. [earned, deserves] back pay
n as adj
  1. suffer from back pain
  2. have a back problem
  3. the back rest
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