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  1. a [red, wooden, circular] barn
  2. a [new, modern, dilapidated] barn
  3. is stored in the barn
  4. is in storage in the barn
  5. [pigs, cattle, horses] in the barn
  6. a barn and [silo, stable]
  7. a [dance, wedding] in a barn
  8. The barn was [built, destroyed] in [1912].
  9. a [threshing, tobacco, storage] barn
  10. [grain, crops, tobacco] stored in the barn
  11. [raised, bred, housed] in a barn
  12. [slept, spent the night] in the barn
  13. Did you [check, look] in the barn?
  14. [get, pull] [it] out of the barn
  15. converted the barn into a [hotel, guesthouse]
  16. slang: couldn't hit the broad side of a barn
  17. a great barn of a [building, place, pub]
n as adj
  1. this is barn country
  2. a barn [owl, cat]
  3. open the barn door
  4. go to a barn dance
  5. are [holding, organizing, throwing] a barn dance
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