For the verb: "to beat"

Simple Past: beat
Past Participle: beaten
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. beat [an egg, the egg whites, a yolk]
  2. beating a drum
  3. beating the drum for [justice, the cause]
  4. beat [his wife, their victims]
  5. beat him [bloody, unconscious, to death, black and blue]
  6. beat up [a boy, another student]
  7. beaten up [at school, coming home, in class]
  8. beaten up by [a bully, another child]
  9. beat the [odds, probability]
  10. [don't, you shouldn't, there's no need to] beat yourself up
  11. beat the (world) record (for)
  12. beat the [game, level, boss, clock]
  13. [can't, will] beat the price
  14. beat [his opponent, the other team]
  15. beat her at [chess, tennis]
  16. was beaten at [chess] (by)
  17. [hard, impossible] to beat
  18. beat back [their advances, the resistance, opposition]
  19. beat the pants off [her opponent, the competition]
  20. beat down the [enemy, opponent]
  21. beat down the [door, car, runner]
  22. beating off [suitors, rivals, the competition]
  23. the [bird, eagle, hummingbird] was beating its wings
  24. his heart was beating [rapidly, fast, irregularly]
  25. could hear her heart beating [loudly, in her chest]
  26. his heart stopped beating
  27. beat a (hasty) retreat
  28. beat on the [drum, door, table]
  29. beat a path [to, through, across]
  30. (don't) beat around the bush
  31. slang: beat it!
  32. sexually explicit: was beating off
  33. sexually explicit: she beat me off
  1. has a [strong, fast, weak] beat
  2. the music has [an uptempo, a slow] beat
  3. a [6/8, 3/4, standard reggae] beat
  4. [Latin, jazz, dance] beat
  5. on the [down, back, third] beat
  6. [listen, dance, play, nod] to the beat
  7. have lost the beat
  8. stay on the beat
  9. [rest, hold] for [two beats]
  10. wait four beats before [playing, singing, coming in]
  11. made [several] loud beats on the drum
  12. my heart skipped a beat
  13. can [hear, listen to] your heartbeat
  14. [60] beats per [minute]
  15. she never misses a beat
  16. the [night, local, policeman's, officer's] beat
n as adj
  1. beat [poet, poetry]
  2. the Beat [Generation, Poets]
  1. US: am [well, totally, completely] beat
  2. US: [well] beat after the long [flight, day, match]
  3. US: [totally] beat after [partying, staying up, babysitting] last night
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