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  1. [arrive, finish] between [noon] and [5pm]
  2. [choose, select] a number between [one] and [ten]
  3. between now and then
  4. [fit, squeezed] in between the [rows, chairs, cars]
  5. [is somewhere, travel, work, live] between [New York and Boston]
  6. weighs between [50] and [55] [pounds]
  7. a [boy, disagreement, job] came between us
  8. nothing can come between us
  9. between [friends, members, countries, coworkers]
  10. is a [consensus, disagreement, fight] between [friends]
  11. between [this street] and the [next]
  12. (just) between [you and me, us]
  13. the [difference, fight] between (good and evil)
  14. they have several [children, businesses, properties] between (the two of) them
  15. no [time, energy] between [working] and [raising a family]
  16. a [partition, door] between the [rooms, offices]
  17. between a rock and a hard place
  18. read between the lines
  19. was in between [jobs, girlfriends]
  20. in between childhood and [adolescence, his teens, adulthood]
  21. in between the two
  1. [placed, put, slid] between
  2. good [men, investments, employees] are few and far between
  3. [but, is] somewhere in between
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