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  1. [winners, exposure, selection, media, unconscious] bias
  2. [an extreme, a slight] bias [against, in favor of]
  3. is [gender, racial, political] bias
  4. due to a potential bias
  5. [choose, select, act] without bias
  6. the bias of the [media, press]
  7. has [a, no] bias towards
  8. [has, shows] a bias in favor of
  9. has a bias against
  10. a bias against [anyone, everyone] who
  11. a natural bias for [neatness, patchwork]
  12. the bias of a [dress, garment, fabric]
  1. bias [the jury, public opinion]
  2. bias them towards [men, whites]
  3. bias them in favor of [men]
  4. bias them against [guns, women, black people]
  5. [it, this] has biased me
  6. biased by the [media, press, reporter]
  7. biased with [respect, regard] to
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