For the verb: "to bite"

Simple Past: bit
Past Participle: bitten
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. this is the [interesting, good] bit
  2. needs a bit of [studying, time, work, attention] (to)
  3. needs a bit more [studying] (to)
  4. could use a bit of [luck, good news, chocolate]
  5. know a bit about [physics, medicine]
  6. get to know you a bit
  7. took me a bit to [find, arrive, finish]
  8. will [be there, start, leave] in (just) a bit
  9. can you [wait, hold on] a bit?
  10. would you like a bit?
  11. would have just a [little, tiny, teensy] bit
  12. a bit of [cake, pasta]
  13. a bit too [fast, long, hard]
  14. is a bit different
  15. bit by bit
  16. every bit as [good, strong, reliable]
  17. everyone [should, must, has to] do their bit
  18. do their bit to [help, make sure, prevent]
  19. a good bit of [practice, interest]
  20. with just a [tiny little] bit of [practice]
  21. is every bit as important (as)
  22. bits and pieces of [metal, wood, computers]
  23. her [jokes, comments, remarks] were a bit much
  24. use a (different) drill bit
  25. the [horse, runner, child] was chafing at the bit
  26. am champing at the bit to [see you, get started]
WordReference English Collocations © 2019


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. bite into [a sandwich, a cookie, an apple]
  2. biting on [a piece of grass, her neck]
  3. the [dog, puppy, kitten] was biting at [her, his heels]
  4. the [dog] bit me (on)
  5. the [dog] bit her on the [leg, arm, nose]
  6. [nipping, scratching, kicking] and biting
  7. bite down (on)
  8. bite through the [crust, top]
  9. bite off [the end, a piece] (of)
  10. (don't) bite your nails
  11. (don't) bite off more than you can chew
  12. (have to) bite the bullet
  13. [business, economy] is biting back
  14. being bitten by [flies, mosquitos, the wind]
  15. the fish are (not) biting (today)
  16. didn't bite on the [offer, proposal, trick]
  17. but he wasn't biting
  18. slang: [just, he can] bite me!
  19. don't worry, I [don't, won't] bite!
  1. a [dog, mosquito, bug, spider] bite
  2. a [little, quick, big, huge] bite (of the sandwich)
  3. the [first, last] bite (of)
  4. [savor, enjoy] every bite
  5. let's [grab, get, have] a bite to eat
  6. [grab] a quick bite to eat
  7. took a [small, big] bite (of)
  8. have [another, one more] bite
  9. can I [have, try] (just) a bite?
  10. can I [have] a bite of your [cake, pizza]?
  11. haven't touched a bite of your [food, meal]
  12. [scratch, relieve] a mosquito bite
  13. were given two bites of the cherry
  14. this [wind, wine] has quite a bite
  15. his bark is worse than his bite
n as adj
  1. bite-size [pieces, chunks]
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