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  1. have a blister on my [foot, finger, hand]
  2. have blisters on my [foot] (from)
  3. My blister is hurting me.
  4. [These shoes, This backpack] is giving me blisters.
  5. blisters from [walking, running, working]
  6. Put a Band-Aid on your blister.
  7. (Don't) pop your blister.
  8. My blister (just) popped.
  9. The blister has (finally) healed.
  10. a [huge, sore, painful] blister (on)
  11. That blister looks like it hurts!
  12. That blister looks painful!
  13. looks like a [nasty] blister
  14. Be careful not to [get, give yourself] blisters.
  15. will get blisters if you're not careful
  16. got blisters from not [using, wearing] (straps)
  17. [Prevent, Avoid] paint blisters (on the wall).
  1. blister [in the sun, from the heat, easily]
  2. blistered and burst
  3. caused my [feet, hands, skin] to blister
  4. blister on contact
n as adj
  1. a blister pack of [pills, medication]
  2. [store, pack, buy] meat in a blister pack
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