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  1. the [human, female, male] body
  2. a [slim, slender, great, plump, bronzed] body
  3. has a [healthy, fit, hot, beach] body
  4. his [physical, naked, clothed] body
  5. a camera body
  6. a [public, private] body (of)
  7. the [governing, ruling] body
  8. found a dead body [at, in]
  9. to [fuel, feed] her growing body
  10. [workout, improve] your [upper, lower] body
  11. move your body (in time) to the music
  12. is a part of the body
  13. body, mind and soul
  14. my body [hurts, aches] (all over)
  15. his body is a temple
  16. the body is capable of
  17. the body's [immune system, energy]
  18. [touched, felt] her body all over
  19. [smothered, covered] his body with (sun lotion)
  20. [love, hate] your body
  21. with the body of a [goddess, horse, young man]
  22. the body of [a camera, a tree, the text]
  23. his body of [work, knowledge]
  24. her [recent, entire] body of work
  25. is a [large, small] body of water
  26. is a [part, member] of the [student, faculty] body
  27. this [beer, wine] has a [lot of, full] body
n as adj
  1. body parts
  2. your body [weight, mass index, fat percentage, shape]
  3. has a [heavy, petite] body type
  4. has bad body odor
  5. has [a lot of, no] body fat (on him)
  6. [read, use, understand, study] body language
  7. have a lot of body pain
  8. [a lot of, too much] body hair
  9. [upper, full, lower] body [strength, workout]
  10. body [lotion, oil]
  11. wears body jewelry
  12. wearing a body [suit, stocking, shaper, protector]
  13. [conserve, share] body heat
  14. take your car to the body shop
  15. a full-body [workout, massage, cast, block]
  16. in full body armor
  17. it [was, came as a] body blow to
  18. have a [positive, healthy, negative, poor] body image
  19. suffer from body dysmorphia
  20. go body surfing
  21. a high body count
  22. had an out-of-body experience
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