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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. The boiler is broken.
  2. need to [fix, repair] the boiler
  3. need to [get, have] the boiler repaired
  4. has come to repair the boiler
  5. [an old, an outdated, a modern] boiler
  6. [a gas, an electric] boiler
  7. a central-heating boiler
  8. a boiler for central heating
  9. a (hot) water boiler
  10. the [train's engine's] boiler
  11. feeding coal into the boiler
  12. UK: what [a dirty, an ugly] boiler!
n as adj
  1. go down to the boiler room
  2. is down in the boiler room
  3. call a boiler repairman
  4. an old boiler engine
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