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  1. my [former, current, previous, longtime, new] boyfriend
  2. a [thoughtful, considerate, kind, thoughtless] boyfriend
  3. a [potential, possible] boyfriend (for her)
  4. would [make, be] a good boyfriend
  5. they are boyfriend and girlfriend
  6. have never had a boyfriend before
  7. is her first boyfriend
  8. met her boyfriend at the [bar, party, conference]
  9. have you met his new boyfriend (yet)?
  10. brought her boyfriend home for [Christmas, Thanksgiving, the holidays]
  11. brought his boyfriend home [to meet his parents]
  12. introduced me to her boyfriend
  13. her boyfriend asked her to marry him
  14. asked to be her boyfriend
  15. has been dating her boyfriend [for three years, since June]
  16. [dumped, ditched] his boyfriend
  17. [split, broke] up with her boyfriend
  18. split up with her boyfriend of [three, 10] years
n as adj
  1. is good boyfriend material
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