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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. the human brain
  2. in a [rat, monkey] brain
  3. in a [rat's] brain
  4. the [right, left] brain
  5. the [left] hemisphere of the brain
  6. a [great, brilliant, developing, recovering] brain
  7. a [great] brain for [math, analysis, science]
  8. use your brain!
  9. the brain [produces, releases]
  10. the brain sends [messages, signals, electrical impulses] to [the muscles, your body]
  11. his brain was [damaged, injured]
  12. brain and [nervous system, spinal cord]
  13. (had to) operate on her brain
  14. he [racked, searched] his brain for an answer
  15. thoughts [churned, swirled, unfolded] inside her brain
  16. he (always) has [sex, money, fame] on the brain
  17. has (both) beauty and brains
  18. can I pick your brains about (the proposal)?
  19. (was) the brains behind the [idea, plan, plot]
  20. he's got brains
  21. brains before beauty
n as adj
  1. brain [disease, damage, cancer, death]
  2. brain [games, teasers, exercises]
  3. the brain stem
  4. the [right, left] brain hemisphere
  5. [damages, kills] brain cells
  6. has a brain tumor
  7. lost (all) brain function
  8. a loss of brain power
  9. needs brain surgery
  10. suffered a traumatic brain injury
  11. the brain drain of [scientists, doctors] (from)
  1. UK: fell and [nearly, almost] brained him
  2. UK: I'll brain you if
  3. UK: [be careful, stop] or you'll brain yourself!
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