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  1. [fast, slow, quick, deep, rasping] breaths
  2. have [bad, minty, garlic, smelly, morning] breath
  3. hold on, I need to catch my breath (first)
  4. [control, slow, focus on] your breath
  5. lost my breath when I [saw, heard, went]
  6. caught my breath at the [sight, sheer beauty] of
  7. need (to get a, a quick) breath of fresh air
  8. it is a breath of fresh air to [hear, see, find out that]
  9. a breath of wind [came, filtered] into the room
  10. was [gasping, fighting] for (a) breath
  11. didn't even pause for breath
  12. was out of breath after [running, climbing, cycling]
  13. took his first breath
  14. take a (deep) breath
  15. (it) took my breath away
  16. were waiting with bated breath (for)
  17. could see my breath in the [cold]
  18. she [cursed, swore, muttered] under her breath
n as adj
  1. [take, fail] a breath test
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