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  1. a [big, soft, bony, small] butt
  2. has a [nice, cute, sexy] butt
  3. a [naked, nude] butt
  4. [fell down, landed] right on her butt
  5. [set, sit] your butt down (right now)
  6. get off your butt and [help, move, do some exercise]
  7. get your butt [out the chair, out of bed, off the sofa]
  8. sexually explicit: [slap, bite, squeeze] her butt
  9. no butts (in line)
  10. wish I had a butt like [that, hers]
  11. a quick [kick, push, shove, nudge] in the butt
  12. a [cigarette, cigar] butt
  13. threw the butt on the [floor, ground]
  14. stubbed the butt (out) on [the packet, his shoe]
  15. the butt of [her cigarette, his cigar]
  16. the butt of their [jokes, teasing, humor]
  17. [swung, held, steadied] the butt of his rifle
n as adj
  1. vulgar, slang: your butt crack is showing
  2. slang: was butt naked
  1. the [rams, ewes, oxen] were butting each other
  2. butt heads with your [boss, parents, friend]
  3. they keep butting heads
  4. butted up against the [edge, wall]
  5. butting into [his business, our affairs, the conversation]
  6. butt out of my [business]
  7. don't butt in!
  8. butt out (of this)!
  9. butted in front of him
  10. butted [in, the] line
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