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  1. the buzz of a [bee, fly]
  2. was a buzz coming from the [TV, light bulb, toaster]
  3. can hear a buzz coming from somewhere
  4. Do you hear that buzz?
  5. the buzz of [voices, the TV, machinery]
  6. So, what's the daily buzz?
  7. What is all the buzz about [outside, downtown]?
  8. What's all the buzz about?
  9. There is a lot of buzz about the new [store, kid].
  10. There is a lot of buzz around the new [store].
  11. a great deal of buzz surrounding the [event, tournament, appearance, concert]
  12. the buzz before the [class, meeting]
  13. a buzz of [excitement, activity, adrenalin]
  14. informal: get a buzz out of [having, seeing, visiting, making, playing]
  15. informal: got a slight buzz from the [beer, cocktail]
  16. slang: I'll give you a buzz [later, this evening].
  1. [bees, flies] were buzzing
  2. buzz like a bee
  3. [boys, admirers] are always buzzing around her
  4. the [press, crowd] was buzzing about
  5. buzz if you know the answer
  6. buzzed past
  7. just buzz me if
  8. buzz off!
  9. tell him to buzz off
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