For the verb: "to cast"

Simple Past: cast
Past Participle: cast
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  1. a plaster cast
  2. am getting my cast off tomorrow
  3. [have, need] a cast on my [arm, leg]
  4. his [arm] is in a cast
  5. is wearing a (plaster) cast
  6. sign my cast
  7. a [bronze, gold, clay] cast
  8. poured [bronze] into the cast
  9. made a cast of [his hand, the sculpture, a vase]
  10. the [movie, TV show] cast
  11. the [supporting, main, entire, Broadway] cast
  12. the [play, movie, show] has a [great, terrible] cast
  13. [starring, featuring] the (original) cast of
  14. members of the cast (of)
  15. a (great) cast of [characters, actors]
  16. [featuring, starring, with] a cast of thousands
  17. [take, bid] a card after each cast
  18. had a cast in one eye
  19. my first cast [hooked a fish, went to waste]
  1. cast the dice
  2. cast [your vote, a ballot]
  3. [citizens, party members, the public] cast their [vote]
  4. cast [iron, bronze] (into)
  5. cast in [iron]
  6. cast a [part, movie, play]
  7. cast for the part of
  8. cast her [for, as]
  9. was cast [for, as]
  10. was badly cast (in that movie)
  11. cast the anchor
  12. cast on (60 stitches)
  13. cast off (my knitting)
  14. cast off [your cares, her image]
  15. cast into the [water, lake, ocean]
  16. cast [his fishing line, your line] into the [water]
  17. cast it [to the side, to one side, aside]
  18. cast a [look, glance, fleeting glance] at me
  19. cast [it, her, objections] away
  20. cast into [the abyss, the pit, hell]
  21. cast out into the [rain, cold, night]
  22. cast out [the devil, your demons]
  23. cast out from [society, the church, heaven]
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