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  1. the [21st, 5th] century (BCE, AD, BC)
  2. in the [early, late, mid] [15th] century
  3. in the present century
  4. [and, well] into the next century
  5. [in] the century to come
  6. [in, during, before] the [last, past] century
  7. in centuries [past, gone by]
  8. has been around for centuries
  9. for more than [two] centuries
  10. for a century (and a half)
  11. was [invented, made] a century ago
  12. a century of [progress, prosperity, war]
  13. centuries of [history, war, violence]
  14. countless centuries of [history]
  15. [London, agriculture] [through] the centuries
  16. [London] [throughout] the centuries
  17. at the turn of [this, the last, the] century
  18. it took centuries for people to [accept, realize, overcome, become used to]
  19. cricket: the batsman [scored, hit] a century
  20. cricket: the batsman [hit] his [first, tenth] career century
  21. the [sale, deal, goal] of the century
n as adj
  1. [15th] -century [art, literature]
  2. [21st] -century [men, devices, solutions]
  3. a turn-of-the-century [style, phenomenon]
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