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  1. a [master's, degree, graduate, postgraduate] certificate
  2. a certificate in [management, marketing, education]
  3. the [relevant, required] certificate
  4. [sanitary, process, safety, import] certificates
  5. a certificate of [authenticity, ownership, registration, compliance]
  6. [show, receive] the ownership certificate
  7. [present, obtain, display] a health certificate
  8. [present] a certificate of (good) health
  9. comes with a certificate of authenticity
  10. obtained a certificate of [honor, merit, distinction] in
  11. was issued with a [gold, silver, platinum] certificate
  12. was awarded a certificate [of, for, in]
  13. was presented with a certificate [from, by, for]
  14. the certificate is [awarded, presented, issued, provided] (by)
  15. need (at least) [seventy percent] to get the certificate
  16. the requirements [of, for] the certificate
  17. a [birth, death, marriage, divorce] certificate
n as adj
  1. [enroll in, sign up for, be part of] a certificate program
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