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  1. a [rocking, folding, revolving, swivel, comfortable, deck] chair
  2. a [dining, dining-room, baby, child's, high] chair
  3. an [office, easy, upholstered, adjustable] chair
  4. an extra chair for
  5. sitting in a chair
  6. sat (down) [on, his] her chair
  7. (nearly) fell off his chair
  8. was leaning back [on, in] his chair
  9. saved you a chair
  10. pull [over, up] a chair
  11. offered him a chair
  12. use a chair to reach [a book, the furniture tops]
  13. [find, fetch] a chair to sit on
  14. don't lean back on your chair
  15. don’t tip your chair back
  16. a chair at my table
  17. play musical chairs
  18. in the [barber's, dentist's, psychiatrist's] chair
  19. was carried [in, on] a sedan chair
  20. rode in a sedan chair
  21. was sentenced to the electric chair
  22. the [committee, university, department] chair
  23. is the chair of the [board, committee, council]
  24. the chair of the board of [directors, governors, investigation]
  25. the [vice, former, current, deputy] chair
  26. [addressed, consulted] the chair
  1. chair the [meeting, committee, event, organization]
  2. has been chosen to chair the [meeting]
  3. was chaired by
  4. chaired through the [crowd, guests, dancefloor]
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