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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. play a [game, round] of chess
  2. always [wins, loses, cheats] at chess
  3. always beats me at chess
  4. never loses at chess
  5. is [learning, playing] chess
  6. is [studying, learning to play] chess
  7. [like, love, hate] chess
  8. [likes] playing chess
  9. plays chess [at school, with his grandfather]
  10. My [dad, cousin, grandfather] taught me chess.
  11. the [European, world, American] championship of chess
  12. the [rook, queen, bishop, castle, pawn] in chess
  13. is just like a game of chess
n as adj
  1. is the chess [master, grand master, champion]
  2. [play, take part] in a chess [competition, tournament]
  3. a chess [game, match]
  4. the chess [pieces, players]
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