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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [bright, dark, neutral, primary] color
  2. [font, border, background] color
  3. his eye color
  4. are different colors
  5. are the same color
  6. is the same color as
  7. the color [green, purple, pink]
  8. [green] is my favorite color
  9. is [green] in color
  10. the color of the [trees, sky, house]
  11. [shown, displayed] in true color
  12. showed his true colors
  13. the movie is in color
  14. in [full, living] color
  15. discriminated against on the basis of (skin) color
  16. for the color of their skin
  17. mix the colors together
  18. the team changed colors (for away games)
  19. she changes her colors depending on
  20. his lie [contained, had] a color of truth
  21. [painted, used] a new color
  22. give the [painting, drawing, sketch] more color
  23. lost the color in her [face, cheeks]
  24. her [face] lost its color
  25. passed (the test) with flying colors
  26. the [drink, juice, food] contains no artificial color
n as adj
  1. color [photography, printing]
  2. a color [photo, poster]
  3. a color scheme
  4. a color [display, monitor, TV, phone]
  5. [coffee, chocolate] -color eyes
  1. color the [picture, coloring book]
  2. color in a coloring book
  3. [like, is] coloring in
  4. color inside the lines
  5. color by hand
  6. color it [by hand, on the computer, digitally]
  7. coloring with [crayons, markers, pencils]
  8. coloring with [blue, green, black]
  9. color on [paper, the walls]
  10. color [your hair, eggs]
  11. color [differently, similarly, distinctly]
  12. colored [the facts, the details, his account]
  13. (has) colored my [feelings, memories]
  14. the [leaves, trees] have colored
  15. her [cheeks, face] colored with [embarrassment, shame]
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