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  1. is a comfortable [sofa, chair, hotel, car, position]
  2. this [sofa] [is not, isn't] (very) comfortable
  3. these [pants, jeans] aren't (very) comfortable
  4. don't feel comfortable in these [pants]
  5. don't feel comfortable wearing these [pants]
  6. make yourself comfortable
  7. make you more comfortable
  8. (try to) get comfortable
  9. comfortable enough to [sleep, stretch out, live in]
  10. comfortable enough for us
  11. comfortable and [warm, homely, easy, cheap]
  12. has a comfortable [life, living, existence, salary]
  13. we're not rich, but we're comfortable
  14. was a comfortable [victory, win, match]
  15. win [by, with] a comfortable margin
  16. don't feel comfortable (about) [staying, going, leaving, coming, asking]
  17. don't feel comfortable with [them, the situation, the question]
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