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  1. commit [a crime, murder, arson, a sin]
  2. commit to a [plan, course, idea]
  3. commit to [buy, purchase]
  4. commit yourself to [helping, finishing, doing]
  5. commit (yourself) to [one hour, two evenings] a [week]
  6. [won't, refuses to] commit (himself to her)
  7. [would not, refused] to commit
  8. (not) ready to commit
  9. committed [years] to [learning piano, his job, her research]
  10. commit suicide
  11. commit her body to the [ground, earth, deep]
  12. commit his soul to [God, the devil]
  13. [crimes, atrocities] committed against [humanity, children, women]
  14. committed to a [mental institution, hospital]
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