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  1. [an insurance, a car, a publishing] company
  2. the [parent, subsidiary, sister] company
  3. a [small, family owned, international] company
  4. a [German] company
  5. [start, open] a company
  6. the company [opened, closed] on [Monday]
  7. the company is (located) in [France]
  8. the company [trades, deals, specializes] in
  9. the company went [bust, to the wall, out of business]
  10. our company is (currently) [recruiting, hiring, looking for]
  11. our company [sells, distributes, makes, imports, exports] (clothing)
  12. own [shares, equity, a stake] in the company
  13. am expecting company
  14. am waiting for company (to come)
  15. [really, thoroughly] enjoyed their company
  16. the pleasure of your company
  17. two's company (but three's a crowd)
  18. are in good company
  19. are in the company of a [genius, star]
  20. in the company of [strangers, friends, family]
  21. makes [good, great, pleasant] company
  22. keep the kids company until (lunchtime)
n as adj
  1. the company [office, car]
  2. the company [name, logo, brand]
  3. company [policy, strategy]
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