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  1. the [workers', consumers', employees'] compensation
  2. was [given, offered, awarded, paid] compensation (for)
  3. are [seeking, claiming, requesting, demanding] compensation (for)
  4. have [filed, claimed] for compensation
  5. received [worker's, workmen's] compensation [monthly]
  6. claiming compensation for the [delay, error, negligence]
  7. [awarded, paid] compensation for [moral, physical] damage
  8. [awarded] compensation for [libel, damages, losses]
  9. compensation (awarded) to the [claimants, victims, plaintiffs, employees]
  10. and the [pursuant, according, resulting] compensation
  11. the compensation [provided, earned, payable, received]
  12. [might, may] be entitled to compensation
  13. are (not) entitled to compensation
n as adj
  1. a compensation [claim, hearing, lawyer]
  2. compensation [benefits, plans, packages]
  3. will be evaluated by the compensation [board, committee, tribunal]
  4. take out compensation insurance
  5. [put together, offer] a generous compensation package
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