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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. have [placed, put] themselves in contention for
  2. has [clawed, fought] his way back into contention
  3. in contention for a [prize, medal, win]
  4. is in contention for the [job, role, position, part]
  5. is in contention to win
  6. is still in contention for [first place, the presidency, the championship]
  7. is no longer in contention for [first place]
  8. is still a point of contention
  9. contention before the [wedding, big day, event, decision, key match]
  10. [Money, Space, The budget] is the bone of contention.
  11. the main [point, aspect] of contention
  12. an area of [heightened, increasing, growing] contention
  13. contention between the (two) [parties, countries, families, entities]
  14. contentions made by the [plaintiff, defendant, expert, forensics team]
  15. the contention of the [plaintiff]
  16. has [raised, aired, expressed] a contention
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