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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [field, tree] cricket
  2. could hear the crickets chirping
  3. the chirping of the crickets
  4. love the sound of (chirping) crickets
  5. could hear the (chirping) crickets outside
  6. feed crickets to his [lizard, snake]
  7. crickets and [other, similar] jumping insects
  8. sports: [test-match, one-day, Twenty20] cricket
  9. sports: [county, international, amateur, school] cricket
  10. sports: plays cricket for [England, Middlesex, the school]
  11. sports: used to play cricket [at school, for England]
  12. sports: [watch, play, bet on] cricket
  13. UK: That's not cricket!
  14. UK: wouldn't be cricket to [say, ask, suggest]
n as adj
  1. a cricket [pitch, ground, ball, bat, team]
  2. is a cricket [umpire, coach, player]
  3. plays for the [school] cricket team
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