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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. the [kitchen, storeroom] cupboards
  2. the [food, candy, cleaning products, plate, dish] cupboard
  3. The kitchen has [oak, cherry] cupboards.
  4. [matching, adjoining, adjacent] cupboards
  5. [build, make, install, fit, fix] a cupboard
  6. That cupboard is for [plates, glasses] (only).
  7. Which cupboard do you keep your [plates] in?
  8. Which cupboard does this go in?
  9. They're in the [washing, airing] cupboard.
  10. a cupboard with [adjustable, fixed, sliding] shelves
  11. the cupboard [over, by, next to, above, under]
  12. the cupboard [on, to] the [right] of
n as adj
  1. UK: it's [just, only] cupboard love
  2. the cupboard [door, handle]
  3. the cupboard door has [broken, come loose]
  4. the cupboard handle has [snapped, come off]
  5. [snapped] the cupboard handle
  6. [open, closed, broke] the cupboard door
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