For the verb: "to cut"

Simple Past: cut
Past Participle: cut
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. cut her [finger, hand]
  2. cut her [finger] on a [nail, piece of glass]
  3. cut her [finger] with a [knife, scissors]
  4. cut my [hair, bangs]
  5. [get, have] your [hair] cut
  6. cut [her wrists, his throat, yourself]
  7. cut himself (while) shaving
  8. cut him off on the [road, highway]
  9. cut him off (while he was speaking)
  10. cut off from his [family, friends]
  11. cut himself off from [the world, other people, civilization]
  12. her [parents, family] cut her off
  13. [he, the connection, the phone line] was cut off
  14. cut a [piece, part] off (of)
  15. cut off a [slice, piece]
  16. cut it [round, square]
  17. cut [her, the prisoner, the hostages] free
  18. cut into a [pizza, cake]
  19. cut (it) to [size, length]
  20. cut into [pieces, parts]
  21. cut down a [tree, bush]
  22. cut through the [top layer, bottom, crust]
  23. cut up [the meat, the paper, her credit cards]
  24. cut the [meat] up
  25. cut it up into [chunks, pieces]
  26. cut and paste [the text, images]
  27. cut out a [picture, coupon, article]
  28. cut [coupons] out of a [magazine, newspaper]
  29. (trying to) cut out [meat, dairy, gluten]
  30. cutting [meat] [out of, from] your diet
  31. cut him out of [the picture, her life]
  32. cut me out of [her will, his life]
  33. cut me into the [profit, earnings]
  34. cut [funding, spending, sponsorship]
  35. cut the [cards, deck]
  36. cut to the chase
  37. cut the cord
  38. UK: cut me to the quick
  39. US: cut me some slack
  40. [don't, shouldn't] cut corners
  41. movies: cut!
  42. they cut to [the next scene, an image]
  43. cuts to the (very) heart of [the issue, what it means]
  44. slang: cut it out!
  45. vulgar, slang: cut the crap!
  46. slang: [can't, couldn't] cut it in (the world of) business
  47. slang: she just [can't] cut it
  48. slang: just doesn't cut it (anymore)
  49. UK: [didn't, couldn't] cut the mustard
  50. cut in line
  51. UK: the [driver, car] cut me up
  52. US: the [driver] cut me off
  53. UK: cut me up [at the roundabout, in his car]
  1. a [small, deep, nasty] cut
  2. have a cut on my [finger, knee, arm]
  3. got a cut on my [finger]
  4. got a cut [making, chopping, doing]
  5. [got, gave myself] a paper cut
  6. suffered (only) cuts and bruises
  7. cuts and [scrapes, bruises]
  8. put a bandage [on, over] the cut
  9. cleaned the cut with [alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, soap and water]
  10. [got, needed] stitches for my cut
  11. blood [ran, poured, spilled] from her cut
  12. a [clean, diagonal, messy] cut
  13. make a [small, straight, tiny] cut
  14. make a cut with [shears, a knife, scissors]
  15. (with) a single cut of the [knife]
  16. the cut of a [dress, garment, suit]
  17. UK: I like the cut of your jib!
  18. [employee, staff] cuts
  19. was a price cut on
  20. after (massive) tax cuts
  21. [unexpected, massive] cuts
  22. cuts [on, to] [spending, social security, taxes]
  23. [accepted, took] a pay cut
  24. [received, demanded] her cut of the [profits, earnings]
  25. for a [10%] cut (of)
  26. a [thin, thick, cheap, choice, premium] cut
  27. a [tender, delicious, tough] cut
  28. a cut of [meat, steak, lamb]
  29. a cut and [wash, style, blow dry]
  30. [get, have, would like] a dry cut
  31. get a [buzz, bowl, under] cut
  32. need to get a cut soon
  33. need a new cut
  34. am thinking about changing my cut
  35. [cruel, unkind, insulting] cuts
  36. the [golfer, player] failed to make the cut
  37. the scene did not make the final cut
  38. made a quick cut for [commercials, a break, live news coverage]
  39. a cut from the latest [single, song, album]
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