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  1. [repairable, irreparable, serious, superficial] damage
  2. [property, brain] damage
  3. [severe, terminal, permanent] (brain) damage
  4. sustained [liver, lung, heart] damage
  5. [severe, slight] [liver] damage
  6. [water, storm, fire, smoke] damage
  7. caused damage to [his liver, the property]
  8. cause damage to
  9. inflict damage on
  10. damage to [property, goods]
  11. caused (permanent) damage to her [eardrum, hearing]
  12. damage (done) to your [car, reputation, self esteem, pride, property]
  13. damage from the [storm, hurricane, accident, crash]
  14. damaged caused by the [storm]
  15. (the insurance) does not cover [storm] damage
  16. repair the damage of
  17. the damage is (already) done
  18. the resulting damage of
  19. had to pay damages (for)
  20. was paid damages
  21. is suing for damages
  22. the cost of the damages could [reach, exceed] ($5 million)
  23. were [considered, just, merely] collateral damage
  24. caught in the collateral damage of
n as adj
  1. damage [limitation, reports]
  2. a [strategy, case] of damage limitation
  1. damage the [product, package, box, goods]
  2. damaged in [transit, shipment]
  3. damaged during [transit]
  4. [could, must] have been damaged (during transit)
  5. damaged on arrival
  6. damaged his [property, car, house]
  7. the [fire, storm, explosion] damaged his [house]
  8. damaged by the [storm, hurricane, hail]
  9. damaged from the [storm]
  10. damaged beyond repair
  11. [severely, badly, irreparably] damaged
  12. (has) damaged his [reputation, relationship, name, image]
  13. damaging your [case, chances]
  14. this [wood, material, furniture] damages easily
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