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  1. [years, decades] of dedication to
  2. [years] of dedication in [helping, providing, guaranteeing, maintaining, keeping]
  3. dedication to the [movement, poor, plight of]
  4. dedication to the [improvement, development, awareness] of
  5. dedication to [medicine, research, law enforcement]
  6. am [surprised, pleased] by your dedication
  7. your dedication is [surprising]
  8. [takes, requires, needs] years of dedication
  9. [takes] years of dedication to [become, succeed, develop]
  10. the [company's, organization's, group's] dedication to the [environment, town]
  11. dedication to [school, her career, the company]
  12. dedication to protecting the [economy, forest, environment, wildlife]
  13. [complete, total] dedication to her [students, children, family]
  14. [asked for, requested] a dedication for [his wife, her husband]
  15. the song was a dedication for his [wife, girlfriend, daughter]
  16. [phone in, email us] if you have any dedications (to make)
  17. a dedication I [would like, want] to make (to)
  18. [wrote, sent] a dedication along with the flowers
  19. the dedication read ["I love you," "to my dear wife"]
n as adj
  1. [attended, led, opened] the dedication ceremony
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