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  1. [financial, mortgage, payment] default
  2. [sheer, pure, mindless] default
  3. is [facing, heading for] financial default
  4. the [country, family] is in default
  5. the [country] was forced into default (by)
  6. the defaults [amount to, total] [$5 million]
  7. faces defaults [amounting to] [$5 million]
  8. the [property, house] was repossessed [following, on] default
  9. try to [prevent, avoid] default
  10. [need to, must] avoid defaults (at all costs)
  11. [repair, discard, recall, report] factory defaults
  12. [progressed, qualified] due to the opponent's default
  13. [won, qualified] by default
  14. is the default for this [computer, device, network, printer]
  15. [change, set] the defaults
  16. revert (back) to the defaults
  17. has become the default for [adults, teenagers, social media]
  1. the setting defaults to [the previous value, 0]
  2. defaulted on his [payment, loans, debts]
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