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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. depend on your [parents, family, friends]
  2. depend on [them, others] for [shelter, money]
  3. depending on her for [help, a ride, moral support]
  4. I'm depending on you (to)
  5. depend on her [financially]
  6. depend [financially, emotionally] on
  7. depends [completely, somewhat, entirely, largely] on
  8. well, that depends (on)
  9. that [really, partly] depends on [whether, how]
  10. UK: [very much, rather] depends on
  11. depending on whether (or not)
  12. the [plan, match, concert] depends on
  13. it depends on [his actions, the outcome]
  14. it depends on the situation
  15. [success, failure] depends on
  16. depended too [much, greatly, exclusively] on
  17. [someone, a friend, a brand] you can depend [on, upon]
  18. you can depend on us (to)
  19. you can depend upon them (to)
  20. (have) come to depend on
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