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  1. [an ergonomic, a comfortable] design
  2. a [sleek, compact, well thought-out, classic] design
  3. [web, product, interior] design
  4. intelligent design
  5. are trying out a new design
  6. am working on a new design
  7. works in graphic design
  8. is studying [graphic, art] design at college
  9. use computer- [aided, assisted] design
  10. see the design in [motion, use]
  11. submit designs for a new [building, mall, complex, property]
  12. the process of design
  13. a degree in design
  14. a design for a [shirt, car, logo]
  15. design and [development, implementation, construction]
n as adj
  1. design [services, programs, software]
  2. a design [company, school]
  3. a design [team, degree]
  1. design the [cover, graphic, website, logo]
  2. designed for easy [use, access, removal]
  3. designed in [Germany, a lab, a studio]
  4. designed with the intent of
  5. designed and [developed, constructed, implemented]
  6. designed to withstand [earthquakes, low temperatures, high speeds]
  7. designed to [help, provide, give, meet]
  8. designed for [educational, personal, industrial] use
  9. designed by [engineers, artists, experts]
  10. designed exclusively [in, at, for]
  11. architect who designed [this house, the bridge]
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