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  1. [great, significant, extreme, enormous] difficulty
  2. the [degree, level, amount] of difficulty
  3. am having some difficulty [finding, getting, finishing]
  4. [caused, gave] them enormous difficulty
  5. is causing me some difficulty
  6. is [having, experiencing, going through] financial difficulties
  7. difficulty paying the [fees, rent, mortgage, bills]
  8. has difficulty understanding [foreign accents, the theory, this topic]
  9. is having difficulty breathing [normally, properly]
  10. has difficulty expressing herself [clearly, concisely, confidently]
  11. encountered [many, several] difficulties along the way
  12. [succeeded, won, came through], but not without difficulty
  13. [cancelled, called off] due to [logistical, financial] difficulties
  14. the difficulty was [too much, insurmountable, off-putting]
  15. a [low, medium, high] level of difficulty
  16. select the level of difficulty
n as adj
  1. a [low, medium, high] difficulty level
  2. select the difficulty level
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