For the verb: "to dream"

Simple Past: dreamt, dreamed
Past Participle: dreamt, dreamed
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [strange, nice, bad, scary, sex, wet] dream
  2. a [recurrent, lucid] dream
  3. had a vivid dream (about)
  4. had a dream about you (last night)
  5. dreamed a [strange] dream (about)
  6. had a dream in [Spanish]
  7. just had the [strangest, oddest] dream
  8. hardly ever dream
  9. interpret a dream
  10. what do you think the dream meant?
  11. what did the dream mean?
  12. [is, living] the American dream
  13. is only a pipe dream
  14. is an impossible dream
  15. it is his dream to [become, go, be]
  16. has the dream of [becoming]
  17. fulfill a [childhood, lifelong] dream
  18. not (even) in your wildest dreams!
  19. [it, the answer, the idea] came to me in a dream
  20. [walking, wandering, gazing] around in a dream
  21. thought they were living the dream
  22. (this car) is a dream to [handle, drive, ride]
n as adj
  1. is my dream [home, car, vacation]
  1. dream about [her, the war, an event]
  2. dream at night
  3. dreaming during [class, work]
  4. she dreamed that
  5. dream of [becoming, having, seeing]
  6. dream of a better [life, world, job]
  7. wouldn't dream of [leaving, going, doing]
  8. I wouldn't dream of it!
  9. dream up a new [idea, concept, theory]
  10. stop dreaming (and start studying)!
  11. dream on!
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