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  1. when is [the, your] due date?
  2. when is [she, the baby] due?
  3. the [invoice, payment, bill, project] is due
  4. am due (for) a [raise, promotion]
  5. due on [Friday, 1st December]
  6. due to [meet, land, arrive] at [noon]
  7. (you will be attended to) in due [course, order]
  8. all in due time
  9. the plane was grounded due to [fog, bad weather, technical issues]
  10. [left, ran, cried] due to the [fight, argument, accident]
  11. due to the fact that
  12. [mainly, primarily, largely] due to
  13. with all due respect
  14. with due [diligence, regard]
  15. give due [consideration, regard, respect] to
  16. give credit where credit is due
  17. [allow, leave] a due margin for
  1. pay your [club, membership] dues
  2. are behind on your (club) dues
  3. how much are the dues?
  4. the [band, group] has paid their dues
  5. to give him his due
  1. [is, go] due [east, west, north, south]
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