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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [film, layer, sheet, cloud] of dust
  2. dust on the [table, units, dresser, surfaces, floor]
  3. [sweep up, wipe off, clear] the dust
  4. [brushed, shook] the dust off his [clothes, feet, jacket]
  5. dust gathered in the [living room, kitchen, bathroom]
  6. [appeared, came] out of the cloud of dust
  7. dust settled on the [tiles, kitchen floor]
  8. the [kitchen, garage, basement] is full of dust
  9. the floor is covered [in, with] dust
  10. covered [in] a layer of dust
  11. got dust in her [eyes, hair]
  12. [filter, find, collect] gold dust
  13. was [ground, crushed, pounded] into (a) dust
  14. am allergic to dust
  15. slang: bit the dust in the last [episode, scene]
  16. slang: another [soldier, poor soul] bites the dust
  17. UK, slang: threw dust in our eyes with [wrong, false] information
  18. ashes to ashes, dust to dust
  1. dust the [furniture, surfaces, shelves, room]
  2. dust the [furniture] off
  3. dust off the [furniture]
  4. dusting the house
  5. dust [it] with [flour, sugar, cocoa powder]
  6. dusted herself with [talc]
  7. dust the crops with [insecticide, chemicals]
  8. [the police, they] dusted for fingerprints
  9. dusted myself off
  10. I dusted off my (old) [tennis racquet, running shoes, guitar]
  11. dust off your [resume, CV]
n as adj
  1. a [heavy, mild, strong] dust storm
  2. dust [grains, particles]
  3. a dust cloud [formed, appeared]
  4. through the dust cloud
  5. the [china, glass] is a dust magnet
  6. allergic to dust mites
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