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  1. (have) [audience, public, worker, crowd] engagement
  2. [sought, wanted, hoped for] engagement among the [audience, crowd]
  3. the [singer's, artist's, band's] engagements
  4. a [two-week] engagement at a [club, festival]
  5. have a [dinner, lunch, business] engagement
  6. had a [prior, previous, pressing] engagement
  7. I'm sorry, I have [other, urgent] engagements
  8. I'm sorry, I have a prior engagement
  9. time taken up by [social, business] engagements
  10. [her, his, the couple's] engagement (to be married)
  11. announced their engagement to their [families, friends, parents]
  12. announced their engagement [in a newspaper, on social media]
  13. official [news, announcement] of their engagement
  14. the engagement of [troops, weapons, missiles, rockets] (in)
  15. a [dirty, sloppy, textbook, bloody, smooth] engagement
  16. avoid all engagements (if possible)
  17. are not looking for an engagement
  18. are in (the middle of) an engagement with the enemy
  19. the engagement lasted [through the night, for days, only 10 minutes]
  20. the engagement of [underhand, dishonest, dirty] tactics
  21. the engagement of [force, strength, torture]
  22. [approve, authorize] the engagement of troops
  23. the troop's engagement in [Iraq, Sudan, Syria]
n as adj
  1. a [gold, silver, diamond] engagement ring
  2. put the engagement ring on her finger
  3. [bought, offered] an engagement ring
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