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  1. it is extremely important that you [remember, bring, do]
  2. it is extremely important for your [safety, success]
  3. it is extremely important to the [plan, mission]
  4. extremely important information (about)
  5. it is extremely [likely, unlikely] (that)
  6. it is extremely easy to forget that
  7. it is extremely difficult to [do, walk, think about]
  8. am having an extremely difficult time [coping, forgetting]
  9. that is an extremely difficult [question, exam, situation]
  10. [death, infection, disease] is extremely rare
  11. has an extremely rare case of
  12. [sometimes, only] in extremely rare [cases, situations]
  13. proved to be extremely useful
  14. is considered extremely dangerous
  15. [resources, options] are extremely limited
  16. is extremely effective against
  17. extremely sensitive (to)
  18. I find it extremely [cute, flattering] that
  19. am extremely pleased to [announce, introduce you to]
  20. am extremely [happy, upset, frustrated] right now
  21. am extremely [happy] with you
  22. would be extremely [grateful, relieved] if you could
  1. an extremely complex [issue, task]
  2. extremely [small, fast, soft]
  3. extremely [low, high] [temperatures, prices]
  4. an extremely popular [singer, movie]
  5. an extremely good [meal, hotel, vacation, match, performance]
  6. are doing extremely well
  7. is extremely well [done, written, made]
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