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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [land, kingdom, tale] of fairies
  2. the evil fairy cast a spell
  3. the evil fairy cursed the [village, princess]
  4. [doesn't, don't] believe in fairies (any longer)
  5. no longer believe in fairies
  6. [forest, tree] fairies
  7. fairies in the [forest]
  8. left his tooth for the tooth fairy
  9. got a [dollar, treat] from the tooth fairy
  10. offensive, slang: don't be such a fairy!
  11. offensive, slang: is always acting like a fairy
  12. offensive, slang: is always such a fairy
  13. offensive, slang: what are you, a fairy?
  14. offensive, slang: shut up, fairy!
n as adj
  1. [read, learn, watch] fairy tales
  2. fairy tale [endings, characters, baddies]
  3. fairy tales at bedtime
  4. is the fairy [princess, godmother]
  5. UK: [make, bake] fairy cakes
  6. [put up the, decorate with] fairy lights
  7. a [twinkling, sprinkling] of fairy dust
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